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About us

Harver Solutions was set up in 2018 to provide access to a high quality range of Car Care products and outstanding scents of Air Fresheners. We have lots of official distributors around the country so you should never be too far away from one. If you aren't currently don't worry as we are always taking on new partners to give us better UK coverage. If you can't see anywhere near you on the map please get in touch and hopefully we can give you an update on locations.

Our products are sold with two brands - ”The Devil’s in the Detail” houses the Car Care collection and “Angelic Air” heads up the Air Fresheners series. 

These product ranges have been carefully designed to offer a wide choice of products to clean your car, for those who ‘wash-and-go’ there is a basic Shampoo, for those without an easy-to-use water source we offer Waterless Wash & Wax and for those who know the Devil’s in the Detail, there is a full range of pre-wash, post-wash, polishes and coatings.

Angelic Air has been born from a desire to enable cars to smell fresh again, with scents you want to use time and time again, not a cheap cardboard tag or overpowering aerosol which frankly we think make the nose rankle. Our products dispense softly through their atomisers, gently filling the car with a beautiful scent and eliminating bad odours. From having a childhood sweet reminiscence spraying Fruit Salad around, to the quirky Rhubarb & Custard and the best-selling fun-loving Bubblegum there is something in the product range for everyone.

All our products are manufactured in the United Kingdom, undergoing rigorous quality testing and continuous improvement. The products are bottled with market-leading ‘spray-stop’ spray heads which will not let you down, easy flip caps and the lightest touch atomisers to dissipate the air fresheners.

Harver Solutions is a small privately owned limited company, based in the Midlands which is dedicated to supplying the customer with easy to understand products which really will improve the look and smell of their car.

For those curious about the name, “Harver” is a combination of Harley and Oliver, two very important little people, for whom supporting by inputting the long hours and late nights, the unusual working hours and the risks of self-employment, makes our motivation flourish.

Jen and Dave

If you would like to know anything more, please ask using the form below and we will get right back to you.

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